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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that it is touched up before and after the winter season for optimal preservation! 

Is a solvent free, non-drying, Non-toxic, Biodegradable and can be removed if necessary

WoolWax coats thoroughly with migrating and self healing abilities ensuring coverage in the hardest to reach areas.

WoolWax does not “gum” up, but rather stays pliable and lubricating, especially on rubber bushings and moving parts; saving thousands in extra costs in repairs from seized parts.

WoolWax can be applied on wet, dusty and salted surfaces, so you are in and out within the same day!

Non - Rubberized undercoating is also annually maintained but very expensive. It has solvents added to aid in liquidity, making them dry-out and flake off or evaporate. It also sticks where it hits, meaning that it does not always have full coverage in the harder to reach areas. 

This type does NOT work well with rubber or moving parts and will gum up with dust. 

Again, this type should be annually maintained, but is rarely marketed as such if anything goes wrong you might never realize until it's too late. It is completely integrated with solvents and TOXIC poly-products not safe for the environment.

This type can only be applied to stationary surfaces (body panels). No bushings, no electrical connections. It also dries to a hardened surface and is extremely difficult to remove.

Your vehicle must be dropped off for a few days. It has to be thoroughly washed with multiple cleaners. Any wet or contaminated surface product will not adhere to.

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