Ceramic Coating services in Minnesota.

Have you ever wanted to protect your car from UV rays and corrosion? Affordable Auto Solutions can certainly provide you with that facility. Many people prefer to protect the appearance of their car by ceramic coating it. Enthusiasts are obsessed with their cars and prefer the tiniest detail to be prominent. Hence, they know that it protects your car and adds shine to its surface.

Why use Ceramic Coating over Wax and Sealants?

Many of you are well informed by the word “Car Wax”. For decades people have been using it to make their cars shiny. It doesn’t only make it glow but also protects it from rust. We agree that it does what we have mentioned here, but it is not entirely durable. One of the main reasons is that it has to be applied multiple times in order to retain a protective film. Moreover, some companies have claimed that even a soap can break through a thin layer of wax coating.

Meanwhile, sealants, on the other hand, are expensive but last longer than synthetic wax. In comparison, they don’t provide the exact shine that wax can provide to your car.

In contrast to sealants and wax, ceramic coating outshines both of them. It is made up of silicon dioxide. The higher the percentage of it, the better the coating becomes.

IGL Ceramic Coating. Protective coating for your vehicle.


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Why choose us?

Affordable Auto Solutions offer the best ceramic coating services in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We guarantee you that it is good for your vehicle as it provides protection and adds a glossy look to your car. Moreover, the main purpose is to protect the car or truck from dirt, scratches, and grime which start to form over the paint job.

We have highly trained and certified technicians who have vast knowledge and experience protecting cars. They know everything about detailing inside out, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and see how it is done.

Luxury car Ceramic Coating

The Benefit of Ceramic Coating A Vehicle

One of the strongest point of getting a ceramic coating is that it lasts longer. No matter how tough the stains are over the coating, you just need a wet microfiber to wipe it off. Moreover, the layer prevents water from staying on the surface. Hence, it will slide off the film as if it wasn’t there. This protects the paint and rust development.

Our Determination

Our technicians take pride in providing detailing services with utmost perfection. Prioritizing our customers has always been our main motive. Hence, cleaning your car or truck to a level is simply matchless from our competitors. We want your car or long vehicle to be perfect and stand out when parked in the parking lot. Moreover, providing quality services is not something anyone can achieve. It takes countless man-hours, passions, determination, and mindset to master it.

The Products we use

We are very concerned about the quality, which makes us very picky about what products we select to achieve perfection. It is not simply that we go to the best auto shop and get the most expensive or cheap products. We don’t use cheap products to be more profitable. Hence, research, deep learning, and testing are behind our selection. So we implement and use those products that we see make a big difference.

Our sheer determination and hard work have made us matchless in the market. Moreover, we have kept our standards high while keeping our prices minimum. The reason for doing this is to conquer our client's hearts who have a limited budget and want to avail themselves of services desperately. We take pride in facilitating our clients to a level where no company can go. Hence, this has made us shine over the horizon brighter.

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Louis and the guys are always professional and helpful. Their work is outstanding, they stand behind the products they use and the work they complete. Highly recommended!



Our family car had been stolen and after getting it back the inside and outside were a mess with a stench of pot and tobacco. Lewis was straight forward, flexible and had...



I am very happy with the service I recieved. I had the undercoating service done and if you care about protecting your car from rusting, you should too! The owner...


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